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Consumer and B-to-B Research

We do both consumer and B-to-B marketing research and use the best “tools” to address your particular objectives.

Our qualitative “toolbox” includes:

Our skilled researchers are:

Seamless Integration of Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Though the majority of our work is qualitative, we recognize that quantitative research can be an important tool in servicing our clients. And we offer our clients a capability not often found—even with the largest research companies—a single project manager responsible for both the qualitative and quantitative components of a research project. This provides important synergies in both the execution and interpretation of results that simply could not be obtained otherwise.

Our quantitative research capabilities include:

Telephone Research

We have the expertise and facilities required for all your telephone research needs. Our business partner, telephone data collection specialist, American Directions, is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

With the ability to execute more than 40,000 man-hours of telephone interviewing on a monthly basis, we provide some of the largest capacity in the U.S. to handle our clients’ work.

ADG maintains numerous state-of-the-art call center facilities, located on the East and West Coasts of the USA, and ONLY in the United States. These facilities encompass hundreds of interviewing stations. Their interviewing facilities are equipped with several types of Computer-Assisted-Telephone-Interviewing (CATI) software, offer web-assisted interviewing and inbound or outbound capacity.

On-line Research

Our partner Research Results, headquartered in Fitchburg, MA specializes in on-line research. We work with Research Results to conduct sophisticated research projects online quickly and efficiently, often faster than other data collection methods. We can utilize your e-mail sample or access Internet panel samples. On-line surveys are renowned for obtaining larger sample sizes of harder to reach targets.

We specialize in executing online surveys that are visually appealing, engaging and completely configurable.