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Consumer Goods & Consumer Appliances/Electronics

Today, consumers have a multitude of options—more than ever when it comes to electronics such as high end appliances, digital cameras, flat screen televisions, and stereo equipment. And our consumer goods industry clients are always striving to make products that are better—with even more bells and whistles that are meaningful to consumers. With the ever-changing technology in the electronics industry, it is critical for companies to continually re-examine consumer preferences in order to stay on top of the market.

MarketBasics Research team can help you to stay in touch with your target consumers—and ahead of your competition in the electronics industry.

We have extensive experience in helping companies with technology-based consumer products such as:

High Tech Appliances—

Consumer Electronics—


We’ve provided market intelligence to prominent high end appliance manufacturers such as Samsung, LG Electronics, and General Electric, and leading consumer electronics companies such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Microsoft, Samsung, LGE, and Apple.

Representative Projects

Our research has been as varied as the clients we serve. We’ve conducted focus groups, in-depth interviews, dyads, triads, online surveys, and telephone surveys for our clients in this category. Our work has focused on providing answers related to issues such as: