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Solar Energy Industry Market Research

MarketBasics Research is a leading provider of market research for companies in the solar energy and green industry—including the fast growing solar photovoltaic sector. Our projects have supported clients in making informed business decisions related to product design, marketing, and partnership (supply chain) evaluation.

Our Experience

Our Work in the Solar Industry has Focused on Four Primary Areas:

  1. Product and Service Development: We’ve helped companies develop solar products and services that more effectively and profitably meet their target customer needs. We’ve identified new product concepts for our clients, recommended product design changes that would be likely to increase sales and services that would make customers more satisfied and more interested in buying.

  2. Channel to Market (Supply Chain) Process: We’ve studied the market for solar photovoltaic from the standpoint of many companies in the supply chain—home builders, roofing contractors, electrical contractors, architects, solar integrators—and many more. We understand the role each plays in the solar industry, their supply chain processes and what they look for in business partners.

  3. Marketing Program Development: We’ve done research with target customers in the consumer, commercial, and industrial market sectors to understand what’s important to decision makers when they are buying solar products. We’ve used this information with clients to develop hard-hitting marketing campaigns and programs.

  4. Sales Prospect and Supply Chain Partner Identification: We’ve conducted research to determine target customer plans for solar projects and to identify promising sales leads. We’ve also conducted research to identify high potential supply chain partners.

Our research has involved key solar industry players across the U.S.:

We’ve conducted research for clients at a variety of venues—from industry trade shows to construction sites.

We’ve talked with solar market influencers and decision markers at all of the major construction and solar industry trade shows: